So what’s this all about then?

You must have a few questions, let me try and answer a few.

What is rethinkling?

Rethinkling is two words smashed together. Rethink, which is to reconsider something and inkling, which is a slight knowledge or a hint.

Who am I?

I am your host. A student in human movement sciences, attempting to get my master’s degree at the VU Amsterdam. Other than that I bounce around between a bunch of things I like. I am very good at listening to music, watching tv-shows and films, and reading books. I enjoy playing the occasional game, both of the video and tabletop variety. Other than that I write things from time to time, I dabble in photography and I like trying to learn new things.

So why this blog?

Because it seemed like a thing I could try.

That’s it?

Yeah, pretty much.



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